Meet a style consultant

In your initial meeting with an HQ Bespoke stylist, we will endeavor to find out exactly what you desire in a bespoke garment. We can advise on weight, type, colour and weave of fabrics given your requirements, along with whether you should choose single or double breasted, type of lapel and shoulder finish. We will also look at any special requests and confirm all details with you before sharing the order with our exceptional master tailor for processing.

Initial Fitting

During your initial fitting, you will try on your finished garment which gives the opportunity to make any adjustments. Your style specialist will discuss the length of the jacket, jacket sleeves and trousers, and the overall fit of the garment. All alterations will be added to your pattern for future orders. We proudly boast that 91% of our garments do not need any alterations.

Final Delivery

Once the suit is altered and after having a final fitting, you will be able to walk out of the final fitting wearing their garment if you so desire. The necessary changes will be stored in your file for future reference.

Best Quality and Reasonable Price

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