Can you beat a single-breasted suit, in a beautiful material, perfectly cut? Sometimes it really is as simple as that. HQ Bespoke offer 1000s of materials and a range of cuts and fits to suit your sense of style and fit. All our suits are made with a floating chest canvas and the highest degree of fit and finish.


The double-breasted suit is a real statement and is returning to popularity. We can cut them with one two or three buttons, according to your preference. Double breasted suits can be cut for comfort with a full fit, but also for slimmer frames we can cut with a very strongly shaped waist and slightly shorter jacket. This will lead to a very sharp and contemporary looking suit.


A three piece makes a great business suit. The addition of a waistcoat can elevate a suit to a more formal look, and for those who feel the cold, it can provide extra warmth in the winter. A third piece also offers great versatility, with waistcoats being very popular currently, they can be worn without the jacket or in the case of tweed even on their own with jeans or slacks for a more casual look.

Best Quality and Reasonable Price

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